Big Change Headed To SmackDown Live

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SmackDown Live was left beheaded at the Staples Center on Sunday night as the Survivor Series scoreboard read: RAW 6 – 0 SmackDown

Summing it up: Daniel Bryan lost to Brock Lesnar, Shinsuke Nakamura lost to Seth Rollins, The Bar lost to AOP, both SmackDown Men’s and Women’s Teams lost to their RAW counterparts and Charlotte Flair lost to Ronda Rousey via disqualification.

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The only match that the blue brand picked up a victory in was the Tag Team Elimination Match. However, since the match took place during the kickoff show, WWE didn’t include the victory in the final scorecard.

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Post-Survivor Series, SmackDown Live Commissioner made a very interesting tweet that had already caused the IWC to endlessly speculate on what is going to happen this Tuesday.

Right now, fans can expect to see RAW host a celebration party in the middle of the ring with Stephanie McMahon screaming how SmackDown is the “B Show”. However, what could most likely happen is what the WWE Universe never expected to happen.

WWE usually enjoys 50/50 booking to ensure that no opponent/rival gets over in the long run. This year, fans were expecting the SmackDown Men’s Team to come out on top and RAW Women’s Team to reign supreme. At the end of the night, there wasn’t any glimpse of 50/50 booking as RAW emerged victorious in all matches.

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The reason why SmackDown suffered such wild embarrassment could mean WWE has something more in store to further shock its fans. And all directions seem to point at a heel turn for Shane McMahon and his corresponding actions as he blames Paige for the huge loss.

The GMs are the ones responsible for the win or the loss at the end of the equation and it seems like a more or less Attitude Era storyline is going to be revisited. With Daniel Bryan now a thorough heel, Shane could join forces with the WWE Champion and execute a heel vs. face feud with the locker rooms divided between the two sides, the babyface team led by Paige.

Tune into SmackDown Live this week to see what change lies in store for the blue brand.