Big E Calls Out Sheamus For Bullying Younger Talents

Big E and Sheamus collide in less than two weeks time at Australia’s Super Show-Down event on October 6th and this isn’t the first time that The Bar and The New Day have faced off for the Tag Team Championships.

Ahead of the match, it appears that the current Tag Team Champion has already begun the mind games since he shared a Tweet earlier today where he revealed that he met Sheamus almost a decade ago and The Irish star would bully many of the younger talents who were in FCW at the time.

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Sheamus was on WWE’s main roster at the time and Big E is stating that he would come down to FCW just to bully the newcomers to the business and at the time it was against “etiquette to swing on him”. This is why no one decided to approach Sheamus about his bullying, which is why Big E hasn’t spoken up until now.

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There have been a number of stories in the past concerning big wrestlers on WWE’s roster and the way that they would treat newcomers to the business so as much as this could be a way for Big E and Sheamus to build up their match heading into Super Show-Down, there could also be some truth behind it.

There have been many backstage stories about Sheamus over the past few years which have shown that he’s actually quite a nice guy outside of WWE, but this was when he was new to the company and pushed towards the World Championship so this could have gone to his head and he could have made an enemy out of Big E when he was coming through the ranks in the company.