Big E Discusses Possible Matchup With Roman Reigns

The Intercontinental Champion Big E started his singles run a few months ago, and is already one of the strongest babyfaces on Friday nights.

While speaking to Renee Paquette, Big E discussed his ambitions in the singles division and said the end goal is to compete for the Universal Championship against the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Big E felt that a match against Reigns currently will be ‘too soon’ for him, despite E being a part of WWE for over eight years now.

“Roman is clearly [on top] when you look at the WWE pecking order, he is at the very top; and having that match is the biggest moment.”

“I hope we’re at a point in another month or two where I feel like I’m established enough, I’m high enough where it makes sense. In the same vein, I have absolutely no idea what the plan is.”

“I also want this to feel earned. I think that sometimes when you get too much too soon — that’s also weird to say for someone who’s been around for eight years; like I don’t feel like I just came up and they just handed me this Universal Title opportunity. Obviously, gun to my head it’s a match with Roman for the Universal Title.”

Reigns will head into the Wrestlemania season with the Universal title around his waist, and there are plenty of babyfaces on Smackdown, including Big E, who would love to take a shot at the Big Dog.