Big E Hopes For Real Change to Come Out of #SpeakingOut Movement

The New Day’s Big E has been a big supporter of the #SpeakingOut movement and as a guest on The Sports Bubble with Jensen Karp, he talked about the importance of the movement to the future of the wrestling business.

According to Big E, he wasn’t surprised about all of the stories that have been coming out, though he didn’t see a specific example himself.

“There wasn’t anything that I knew of and just my shoulders at. So, there wasn’t anything that I was specifically aware of, but it’s honestly really, really really saddened me to see and disgusted me to see how prevalent this was,” he said.

He gave a shout out to a woman he called a friend, someone called Veronica who told a story about David Starr that was one of the earliest triggers for the #SpeakingOut movement.

“She was brave enough to tell her story,” noted Big E. “ She emboldened a lot of women and even men to come out and talk about some of the things that they’ve experience , the way they were victimized in this industry.”

Big E further stated that moving forward, issues of sexual assault should no longer be ignored and it was time to change the way the industry treated women.

“We haven’t given these victims the voice and the respect that they deserve. And I think our industry should no longer and can no longer tolerate what’s going on,” said Big E.

“We can no longer shrug our shoulders at the way women have been victimized in this industry,” he added.

He stated that he hopes that the movement will create genuine change and is not just a trend or something that will be eventually forgotten.