Big E Never Considered a Title Shot for Himself During Kofi Kingston’s Title Reign

Though the New Day member Big E is currently in the midst of a title push, he and his New Day compatriots Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have been adamant that “success” for one doesn’t mean the group is breaking up.

E reiterated New Day’s reputation for being supportive of one another during an interview with The Sun. E pointed out that the New Day has already had one member see success, with Kofi Kingston becoming WWE Champion, and through it, all the group members stayed together.

Big E also said that one reason why the group was so successful together was because of the selflessness of Kingston.

This selflessness and his respect for Kingston was why he never even considered asking for a title shot when Kingston held the championship.

“He’s one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met in this industry, one of the most likeable people, and I couldn’t even fathom making that moment about me,” said Big E.

“If that opportunity came up and it made sense, that’s a different consideration but at no point was I going to insert myself into this Kofi Mania run,” he said.

Big E also talked about Kingston’s reaction to learning that E was going to get a singles push. At that time, he and Kingston had been mostly operating as a duo as Woods was injured.

“When he first found out that this was the route we’re gonna go, he pulled me aside and he legitimately had a smile on his face and said: “I’m so happy for you man this is your time.”

This push won’t be the first time that Big E had success as a singles star, however, he was the second person to hold the NXT Championship and has been an Intercontinental Champion.