Big E Reveals He Was “Irate” With The Way Kofi Kingston Lost The WWE Championship

On the first SmackDown episode on the FOX Network Kofi Kingston defended his WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar. It was the toughest challenge of his career and was over much quicker than many expected since Lesnar completely dominated Kingston and took away his title in a matter of seconds.

Kingston was then not given a rematch for the title and the company moved forward as though it had never happened since Kingston has now found residence as part of the Tag Team Division in place of Xavier Woods, who suffered an injury last month.

While Kingston seems as though he was happy to have had the WrestleMania moment and the chance to become the company’s biggest Champion, it appears that his partner Big E sees things a different way and as part of his new podcast, Big E was able to reveal his actual thoughts on the way Kingston lost his Championship last month.

“Kofi is a lot more level-headed than maybe anyone else that I have met in the business because everyone else would have reacted, I was irate when I found out about it and I think that is a testament to Kofi. I’m not going to say no one else in the industry, but very few people would have had that same approach and be able to move on. And not have that feeling of sour grapes and that they were wronged,” he said via Cagesideseats.

Kingston was present as part of the podcast and went on to state that because he lost in less than 10 seconds he doesn’t have a case against Lesnar for a rematch, which means that he has to move forward.

Luckily it appears that The New Day are still seen as legitimate threats in the Tag Team Division so even though it was an unpopular decision to dethrone Kingston of his Championship, the company has been able to find a new route for him to climb his way back to the top.

Meanwhile, Lesnar has once again taken hiatus from WWE and isn’t expected to return until Royal Rumble.