Big Show Advised Kofi Kingston to Ditch The New Day: “Kofi, What are You Doing With Those Two Idiots?”

After five years of a long run as a tag team, WWE finally split The New Day during this year’s Draft. Last year, we saw KofiMania emerge out of nowhere and it ended up with Kingston winning the WWE Championship.

This year, WWE has been keenly interested in Big E, which is why they could have split The New Day. A lot of people saw potential in these three people – Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods, but WWE never thought of them as main-event wrestlers.

The company thought they are better suited as a tag team rather than singles performers but the fans thought otherwise.

The group might have disbanded years ago if Kingston had listened to The Big Show’s advice. Big E recently revealed that the former WWE Champion advised Kingston to ditch the faction. Show also dubbed Big E and Woods as “idiots”.

“In 2014, where Big Show saw where we were, and he said- he pulled Kofi aside in front of me and Woods and said, ‘Kofi, what are you doing with those two idiots?’ referring to me and Woods. He essentially said, not even joking around, that this is a sinking ship, you’re better than this, you’re World Championship material. So I remember Kofi being, and rightfully so, the guy a ton of people had a lot of respect for, a guy that Big Show clearly thought was better than being saddled with this group.

Obviously, the legend was wrong about The New Day as this group is seen as the most successful tag team of the PG Era.