Big Show Impressed With Becky Lynch’s Response To Injury


The World’s Largest Athlete recently did an interview on the show Busted Open on Sirius XM. According to the Big Show, he was quite impressed with the way Becky Lynch took a punch from Nia Jax during last week’s episode of Raw.

“This is a physical business though it’s an entertainment business,” Big Show reminded listeners. “There’s a predetermined outcome. All that we know, but you can’t fake gravity and physical contact happens.”

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During the last Raw, Lynch led an invasion of the SmackDown women’s roster against the Raw Women. During a brawl in the ring, Lynch took a punch from Jax that broke her nose. That didn’t stop a visibly bloody Lynch from continuing to beat down and taunt the Raw roster.

“The thing I love about Becky, she took a full-blown shot to the face. Nose bleeding. You and I both know guys Bubba [Ray] that would be crying and whining like little babies if they took a shot like that,” said Big Show.

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He expressed admiration for how Lynch stood there “Like ‘The Man’ grinning.”

“Like, ‘That’s all you got?’ Oh my goodness, man give me goosebumps. Give me goosebumps. That— now to me, that’s business right there,” he added.

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Show’s praise didn’t go unacknowledged as Lynch responded via Twitter.

Lynch had been scheduled to face Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series but had to be pulled from the show. During SmackDown, she nominated Charlotte Flair to take her place.

Official word is that the punch from Jax broke Lynch’s nose and gave her a concussion. There is no word as to when Lynch is expected to return to in-ring competition.