Big Show Makes History On SmackDown Live

Big Show
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The Big Show made his return to the ring last night on SmackDown Live when he took on Randy Orton in a World Cup qualifying match, but even though The World’s Largest Athlete lost the match against Orton, he picked up something much more valuable.

Many of the WWE Universe forget just how lengthy The Big Show’s wrestling career has been since he was part of the first ever episode of SmackDown back in 1999 and is the only man in history to have gone on to appear at the 999th episode as well.

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To add to this statistic, Big Show is one of only three men who has competed on SmackDown Live in both 1999 and 2018 alongside Kane and Jeff Hardy.

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Next week the WWE Universe celebrate the 1000th episode of SmackDown and many stars are expected to make their return including Rey Mysterio, Edge, Batista, and The Undertaker.

Some of these stars were also part of the show back in 1999, which means that The Big Show will always be the only man in history to hold this record.

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The Big Show was last seen in the ring when he faced Braun Strowman on Monday Night Raw in a steel cage match. The giant was written off WWE TV when he was thrown through the cage so that he could undergo hip surgery.

He has since been seen promoting Connor’s Cure on Monday Night Raw, but last night’s SmackDown Live was the first time he was seen in the ring in almost a year and even though he was defeated by Orton, it’s easy to see that he was the one who came out with the better deal given the fact that he was able to make history.