Big Show Reveals That He Hopes To Be Cleared For In-Ring Return This Weekend

The Big Show hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since he seemingly passed the torch over to Braun Strowman in their steel cage match on Raw back in September.

Big Show has since undergone hip surgery and many thought that this would mark the end of his career, but the former World Champion has made a quick recovery and is now looking to return to the ring as soon as possible.

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Big Show inducted Mark Henry into the Hall of Fame back in April, but he hasn’t stepped into the ring in almost a year. Despite his lack of in-ring time over the past 12 months, he recently revealed in an interview with ESPN that he is hoping to be cleared as soon as this Sunday night so that he can make a return on the RAW after SummerSlam.

“Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I will be back in the ring. That’s the main goal. I’m actually going to try and get cleared Sunday, by [WWE’s] doctors; moving around the ring a little bit. I could be back as soon as the Monday Night Raw after SummerSlam if they have something for me.

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“Just because I’m healthy, doesn’t mean our creative team is healthy for me yet.”

With Braun Strowman set for a feud against Roman Reigns coming out of SummerSlam, it will be interesting to see who the creative team decide to feud with The Big Show when he makes his return.

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It still remains to be seen when The Big Show’s return will be and whether or not the company’s doctors will be able to clear The World’s Largest Athlete in the coming week.