Big Show To Start Shooting For Netflix Sitcom

This show is a partnership between Netflix and WWE Studios

Image via WWE

WWE superstar Big Show is scheduled to start shooting for a new comedy show produced by WWE Studios, “The Big Show Show”, scheduled to air on Netflix. Netflix ordered a 10-episode season, with half-hour long episodes of live-action comedy.

Big Show has not wrestled for WWE in quite some time now, and his last appearance inside the ring was during his time with The Bar. He teamed up with Sheamus and Cesaro to take on the New Day. He inexplicably joined the Bar and then left the group inexplicably soon after!

Big Show will be starring in the series which features a fictional wife and three daughters. He plays a fictional version of himself, who finds his life changed after his teenage daughter comes to live with him.

This show is a partnership between Netflix and WWE Studios, who are also filming a movie titled “The Main Event” with several superstars, in Vancouver.

Several WWE superstars have made appearances in Hollywood projects, with John Cena and The Rock reaching superstar status in the movie business. WWE has given several superstars the liberty to go out and shoot movies and TV shows in the past, with The Miz becoming the forefront of the Marine movies.

Big Show’s career in WWE was a topsy-turvy one, with several title reigns spread across perennial poor booking. Big Show was never booked as a Monster, and ended up looking like a chump on several occasions.

Big Show’s last few singles matches were with Braun Strowman, who was given a major lift by Big Show in 2017. Big Show took several beatdowns by the Monster Among Men and put him over before leaving WWE for a long time.

Although Big Show has not officially retired from WWE, a return to the squared circle is not a possibility currently for the World’s Largest Athlete.