Billy Graham Takes Shot At The Undertaker After WWE Super ShowDown Performance

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker could be the worst match of the year already


Billy Graham is one of the most outspoken and brutally honest individuals in the pro wrestling business. A big physique and a big mouth, Graham spits fireballs every time he says something.

At last week’s Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia, The Undertaker battled Goldberg in a first-time-ever dream match. Needless to say, the match itself was lackluster and the performance of both 50-year old legends was nothing short of horrible.

Most fans lashed out on social media immediately after the show was over. While some said that they couldn’t even sit through the entire bout, others noted how both men had to struggle to execute a move properly.

The biggest lowlight of the dream match was The Phenom delivering a botched piledriver to the concussed Goldberg. Although WWE had managed to fool fans by referencing Goldberg’s botched jackhammer as his new move, the botched tombstone piledriver couldn’t be concealed.

On Facebook, Graham posted an extremely concerning message that fans are taking quite seriously.

Goldberg vs Undertaker = Concussion

“Well fans, I only saw a 20 second clip where the Undertaker dropped Goldberg dead on his head and you could see Goldberg’s neck wobble as it hit the mat, in a botched Pile Driver by the Undertaker. Goldberg got a concussion out of the match plus about 2 million dollars. I am happy for Goldberg that he will be able to spend that nice pay day in a standing, upright position and not in a wheel chair paralyzed from the neck down. I would never tell the Undertaker when to retire but I certainly would not want to be the Undertaker’s next victim. Yeah, I know it was about 100 degrees in the ring, so don’t give me that excuse. The simple fact is the Undertaker didn’t have control of Goldberg and dropped him on his head, lucky for Goldberg he didn’t fly back to the good ol USA, strapped down on a gurney. S.B.G.”

It’s true that The Undertaker is way past his prime and at 54 years of age, he can do only so much. Goldberg leaving KSA unparalyzed is indeed a matter of relief, but going forward, WWE should seriously stop luring old legends with big money to fill their PPV card – if they are to prevent dreadful injuries or undesirable casualties.