Biography of Vince McMahon Announced, Triple H Thinks McMahon vs McGregor Would Be a Dream Match

A biography of WWE chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon could be available in two years.

Abraham Riesman, the author of Stan Lee’s biography called True Believer: The Rise And Fall Of Stan Lee, has announced that his next project will be a biography of McMahon titled “Ringmaster.”

Riesman announced the news on his social media accounts. The biography will be published by Simon And Schuster’s imprint Atria Books. While the release date has yet to be determined, Reisman believes that it will be in 2022.

The preview for the biography says that it will be a story of a “dyslexic boy growing up in a trailer park” who went on to be the “iconoclastic Chairman and CEO of the multi-billion dollar WWE empire.”

The biography will feature news reporting as well as exclusive interviews with people who “witnessed, aided, and suffered from his ascent.”

Meanwhile, Triple H recently gave an interview to TMZ sports where he talked about UFC fighters in WWE.

During the interview, Triple H talked about a “dream match” for Vince McMahon and it would be with Conor McGregor.

“I think Conor McGregor versus Vince McMahon with the billion dollar walk on the line, I think that’s a match made in heaven.” Triple H joked.

According to Triple H, the entertaining nature of the WWE actually lends itself to combat sports and you can see its influence in fighters like McGregor and others who have made WWE appearances such as Ronda Rousey, Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather.

“Entertaining and the ability to capture people as a personality, that’s what really makes those fights. Same in our business, so if you can transfer that over and really now let yourself go and be larger than life, that’s the key thing,” said Triple H.