Bobby Lashley: Conor McGregor Too Small To Hold Big WWE Title


WWE loves scooping up former MMA fighters and, according to rumors, would be more than happy to pay a lot of money to work with Conor McGregor.

During an interview with Sky Sports, current WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley was asked his opinion on the WWE hiring McGregor. Lashley is also an MMA fighter and is currently under contract with Bellator MMA.

According to Lashley, McGregor going to the WWE would definitely bring a lot of attention to the WWE.

“ I think he’ll have a good opportunity to come over here and shake things up, run his mouth a little bit and bring some notoriety. I’d like to see him in. It would be cool,” said Lashley.

However, Lashley doesn’t believe that McGregor should end up with a “big title”.

“If he wants to be here he might have to try and find a role. We’re not going to put a big title on him, he’s way too small,” said Lashely.