Bobby Lashley Doesn’t Want To Get Involved in Lio Rush-Mark Henry Controversy

Recently released superstar Lio Rush went off on social media last night and got into a major controversy by claiming that WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry doesn’t support fellow African American wrestlers. This blew up really fast, with the World’s Strongest Man threatening to sue Rush over this statement.

Lio Rush had won the Cruiserweight Championship in WWE, and also had a decent main-roster run as Bobby Lashley’s manager. The Rush-Lashley alliance, although short-lived, was highly entertaining. Lashley was interviewed by Alex McCarthy, and the former ECW Champion felt that this isn’t a big issue and should be resolved easily.

Lashley said he respected everyone around him and felt that Henry isn’t the type of person to shade people in that fashion.

“You know I’m not getting into that. I had a text message before we got on and just put ‘laugh out loud’ to it. I don’t wanna get into it, but It’s not like that man. I think in this wrestling business a lot of tempers arise and different things for not understanding.”

“One thing we don’t wanna start to do is putting ourselves against each other. That’s one thing we always did in the wrestling business is we shook hands when we came in the door. So I respect you, I respect everybody, I respect everyone and if you could send me an article where I downplayed someone or made them look bad or said something negative send it to me because I don’t know that I’ve ever done that and I never will.”

This isn’t the first time Rush has seen himself in such a situation. Shortly after he was hired, he sent out a tweet that fetched him tremendous heat backstage. Henry is a well-respected personality backstage and has vouched for African-American stars in the past, which makes this incident rather surprising.