Bobby Lashley Has Fights Left for Bellator MMA

Bobby Lashley is enjoying a stellar run on RAW in 2020, where he is the current United States Champion and the CEO of Hurt Business. Lashley returned to WWE in 2018 and has had a topsy turvy second-stint so far.

Lashley spoke with TVInsider recently and revealed that he is still eligible to fight for Bellator MMA. The All-Mighty also discussed a possible bare-knuckle fight.

Lashley has competed in MMA since 2008, and signed a deal with USA’s second-biggest promotion in 2014.

After five successful matches with the company, Lashley went on a hiatus but he is willing to return for the promotion.

Lashley also had a stint with Impact Wrestling during this time, where he won several titles.

“I’m fighting until I can’t fight anymore. I just had a conversation with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship guy. We discussed going out there and doing a bare knuckle fight. I still have an agreement with Bellator. I always thought I would find my way back to WWE.”

“When I signed my Bellator contract, I had an out clause for the WWE. It said if WWE alone offered me a contract they would relieve me from the Bellator contract. [Bellator MMA President] Scott Coker is an amazing guy. The fact he gave me that contract was just incredible. But since he gave me it, I still have fights with Bellator and can fight with them, which is a really good thing.”

Former World Heavyweight Champion Jake Hager, who is currently a part of All Elite Wrestling, is also signed to Bellator MMA in the Heavyweight Division.