Could Bobby Lashley Return To The WWE?

Over at, there is a very interesting article about the future of Bobby Lashley.

Basically, Bobby Lashley’s contract with TNA has been done for a few weeks now and there is supposedly interest from the WWE about bringing him back. Bobby Lashley did not exactly leave the WWE on the best of terms as he had “issues” with Michael Hayes.

Bobby Lashley was a guy that Vince McMahon actually saw a lot in during his easy WWE career. He went on to be a United States Champion, ECW Champion and he even had a high profile match at WrestleMania 23 against Umaga that featured Vince McMahon and Donald Trump putting their hair on the line which also featured Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special referee!

Since leaving the WWE Bobby Lashley had a very impressive MMA career that saw him going 15 and 2, not to mention a successful stint in TNA that saw him win multiple TNA world titles. At 41, you have to wonder how much mileage is left in Bobby Lashley, but he still looks fantastic and you could argue that he is a better performer than when he was in the WWE the better part of a decade ago. Some are saying that a deal is very close or has been agreed, no matter what there appears to be interest on the WWE’s side and we might very well see Bobby Lashley return to WWE.