Bobby Lashley Reveals That Paul Heyman Saved Him From Shocking Character Pitch By WWE Creative

Image via WWE

Bobby Lashley is currently part of quite an interesting storyline on WWE TV since he and Lana have been seen as controversial stars on RAW in recent weeks after The Ravishing Russian committed adultery to end her relationship with Rusev and then move on to Lashley, who she was about to marry this past week on RAW.

While this seems like a shocking storyline for both stars to be part of, it appears that when Lashley first came to WWE, the company had an idea for him that saw him as a Mr. T style star where he would be just a loudmouth, something that he himself wasn’t a fan of.

Lashley recently revealed in an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, that it was current RAW executive Paul Heyman who prevented this character from becoming a reality.

“When I first started out, I came to OVW in 2004. There were a lot of different people who came through, and they were bringing different trainers and different writers putting the show together.”

“I remember when Paul Heyman first came, he called me up in the morning and said, ‘Hey man, what are you doing? Let’s go eat breakfast.’ I’d never met Paul at this point, but we go and eat breakfast. It was unbelievable, we were there talking for four hours. I felt like I’d known him forever.

“I didn’t know this at the time, but Paul saw me–this big, jacked-up dude–and didn’t know me. And none of the other writers knew who I was. They were just writing on what they thought they knew of me–that I should be like Mr. T and run around like, ‘I pity the fool!’ But that’s not me. And that’s why Paul wanted to sit down and talk. He knew he needed to write for this guy, but he didn’t know who I was, and he wasn’t going to just guess. So we just sat and talked forever, and he said, ‘I get this guy.’ And he got me over in a short amount of time”.