Bobby Lashley Reveals Why He Agreed to Be Part of Rusev-Lana Storyline on Raw

The edgy Rusev-Lana-Bobby Lashley storyline witnessed the Ravishing Russian having an affair with The Dominator and divorcing her husband while cheating on Liv Morgan. The unnecessarily long storyline recently saw The All Mighty dumping The Mistress Of Destruction and joining forces with veteran MVP.

On D-Von Dudley’s podcast Table Talk, Lashley revealed the real reason why he signed up for the controversial storyline on RAW.

“There are certain things you have to do in the wrestling business where it’s like you have to do what’s best for the show. I don’t know if it was best for the show. When you come back, you pay your dues and you say you want to do whatever it takes to be on the roster, sometimes there are things that might not be the most favourable thing for you. It wasn’t that uncomfortable.”

According to the former Impact World Champion, a wrestler must do “what’s best for business.”

“The only thing that was uncomfortable for me was that there was a brief time in my career when I came back that my kids would come with me to every one of my shows, sit in the front row, watch it and follow along online.”

“There was a time when none of that happened where I wasn’t bringing them to shows, they weren’t watching it for a while and it was a little uncomfortable. Certain things like I didn’t want my kids sitting in front of the TV on certain episodes, but I talk with them. It was a hard talk with them. My kids are cool. My kids are awesome and incredible, so I think with open dialogue, anything can be worked out.”

Lashley further stated that fans should be able to differentiate between a television program/storyline and real life.

“At the end of the day, it’s TV. If you start blurring the lines between everything and confusing people between TV and reality, then it becomes a problem but not me.”