Bobby Lashley Wins The Intercontinental Championship On Raw

Dean Ambrose managed to dethrone Seth Rollins back at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs before establishing that he was the more dominant former member of The Shield when he defeated Rollins in their rematch last week.

After Bobby Lashley‘s interference in Rollins and Ambrose’ headline Falls Count Anywhere match last week on Monday Night Raw, it was revealed that this week all three men would be forced to face off for the Championship in a triple threat match less than two weeks ahead of the Royal Rumble.

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Lashley was shockingly able to pick up the win to lift his first Championship in WWE since making his return to the brand following WrestleMania last year.

The former ECW World Champion has been pushed hard by WWE officials ever since he began teaming with Lio Rush, but this is his first Championship win in almost a year and could now see him forced to defend against Dean Ambrose at the Royal Rumble next weekend.

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Of course, the rules of a triple threat match dictate that there is no disqualification so Lio Rush was once again able to play favorites and push the numbers game into Lashley’s favor.

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This is the first time in Lashley’s career that he has been able to lift the Intercontinental Championship and just three months shy of WrestleMania. This puts The All Mighty in fantastic footing to be part of the biggest show of the year.

As already stated, it’s unknown as to whether or not Dean Ambrose will cash in his rematch next week on Raw or if The Moral Compass of WWE will wait until Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona to attempt to reclaim his title.