Bobby Lashley: “WWE Gave Me Uncomfortable Storylines to Make Me Open Up”

Bobby Lashley was the guest on this week’s episode of “After The Bell with Corey Graves.

The Almighty United States Champion, Bobby Lashley, appeared on Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast and talked about his second stint with WWE which began in 2018.

Lashley, who had a long tenure with Impact Wrestling, moved back to WWE after WrestleMania 34. He discussed the awkward storylines WWE had given him until he joined The Hurt Business, and said he took it as a sign of WWE wanting him to come out of his shell.

Lashley felt that his reserved behavior was what led to WWE putting him in stories like Rusev-Lana marriage drama, and the flexing persona with Lio Rush.

“For me, I had to figure out the why. A lot of times people don’t want to figure out the why. I think part of the why for me is when I came back, they wanted people to hate me. But also, I think it’s just getting me to loosen up a little bit. I trained so long with wrestling and it was always shut up and I trained. I was always a shut up and train type of person. I busted my ass and let what I do speak for me. I was a workhorse and I was always a quiet person. I think when I came back they said, we need to embarrass him enough to break out of his shell.”

Lashley went on to talk about several other topics including his current run with The Hurt Business, which has received rave reviews from fans and critics.