Booker T Calls Randy Orton An “Elite Level Player” After AEW Tease

The Apex Predator could be well on his way to AEW

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Randy Orton has been making headlines in the pro wrestling community ever since his shock AEW tease this past week. The Viper’s WWE contract expires in the summer of 2020 and fans can’t help but endlessly speculate over his future in the industry.

Orton is a proud Grand Slam Champion – as a third-generation Superstar, he’s accomplished everything in WWE’s books, and fans idolize him as one of the cornerstones of The Modern Era.

On the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about Randy’s spot on the AEW roster, shall the 13-time World Champion choose to leave WWE next summer.

“Look at the talent they [AEW] has. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Randy Orton is an elite level player. I always said Randy Orton is an elite wrestler, an elite superstar.”

Per rumors, The Revival and Orton could most likely make the AEW jump together. Their FTRKO alliance is a hot act that packs tremendous potential for fresh storylines with an “elite” talent pool.

If Orton does sign with The Khans, it won’t be long before the future WWE Hall Of Famer gets his hands on the prestigious AEW World Championship.

“He’s my guy, I always said that and one thing about Randy is he’s always been a rebel, he’s always been a guy that walks to the beat of his own drum. If anybody was to do something crazy it would be Randy.”

The Apex Predator excels both as a babyface and heel and is perhaps the only Superstar who receives huge pops despite portraying a villainous character. Moreover, 39-year-old Randy is pretty successful with his consistent merchandise sales, something that’s lacking in most current generation Superstars.

It would be exciting to see which company Randy chooses to work with next summer given his new deal would be the biggest one he’s ever signed in his 20-year-long career.