Booker T: “I Never Really Said I Was Retired”, Talks One More Match

booker t
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On a recent episode of Heated Conversations, 5-time WCW Champion and WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T talked about his in-ring career and it appears that he is not officially retired and is potentially looking for at least one more match.

Booker T said, “I’m thinking about having perhaps another match myself.” He continued, “I’m thinking about getting in the ring one more time. I never really said I was retired.”

Booker mentioned that Harlem Heat has retired as a tag team but he never said he had hung his boots as a singles wrestler and his body feels good. At 53 years old, he says that he has done one heck of a job of staying in the best shape possible.

The Master of the Spinaroonie added that he would wrestle for his Reality of Wrestling promotion but if he got the opportunity to wrestle at a WrestleMania then he would have to think about it because he has to figure out if he can wrestle at a certain level. “The world would love to see it,” Booker said.