Booker T Pulls Out Of Chicago Appearance, Doesn’t Want To Be In The Middle Of A “War”

Image via WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently announced via Twitter that he would not be making an advertised appearance at a Chicago event next month. An event that is occurring the same time AEW will be in Chicago for their pay-per-view.

Booker T had been set to appear at the Starcast III convention which is going to be held in Chicago next month.

Short and to the point, and with no explanation offered. This is, of course leading to some speculation as to why Booker cancelled his experience.

According to Dave Meltzer on F4Wonline, Booker could have pulled out because he didn’t want to upset WWE.

Starrcast III is being held in conjunction with AEW’s next big pay-per-view, All Out. Meltzer points out that Booker says he won’t be at “events”, plural. He believes that this could have meant that Booker had plans to also make some sort of appearance at All Out.

Booker would have strong ties with AEW through the Rhodes brothers, specifically Dustin who he tagged with back in the WWE.

Meltzer further claims that the reason Booker pulled out of the Chicago event/events is because he has just realized that the WWE vs. AEW war is “very real” and the WWE Legend doesn’t want to be “in the middle of it”.

Given as Booker is still a frequent guest on WWE pay-per-view panels and is probably signed to a Legends deal, it would not be too surprising to learn that “not upsetting the WWE” would be something he cared about., however points out that WWE isn’t upset about him working with Impact. Booker’s promotion Reality of Wrestling is still having a joint show in Texas City on July 6.