Booker T Responds to Matt Riddle Calling Undertaker’s Generation of Wrestlers “Dumb”

The Undertaker’s comments regarding WWE’s current generation of superstars when he spoke to Joe Rogan have sparked quite the reaction.

The likes of Goldberg, Roman Reigns, Edge, and even Matt Riddle have all reacted to The Deadman calling this current generation “soft”, but it was Riddle who retaliated by calling Undertaker’s generation “dumb.”

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was one of the stars who populated the company at the same time as The Undertaker and has reacted to these comments in quite a personal way.

The former World Champion recently stated that Riddle should go back to UFC, while addressing his comments on his Hall of Fame podcast.

“If Riddle did say anything about what The Undertaker said, regarding whatever it is, it should be a problem. It’s the first real interview The Undertaker ever given. For someone to be giving him pushback on what he sees what the business is today, that person should talk to him and not some reporter. That’s just my take on it.”

“Should it be some pushback, as far as guys like myself if he did call guys from my era, ‘those are just dumb guys’ – what do you mean by that, first and foremost? And how did you come to that conclusion? I was reading the part as far as MMA guys, you know, they’re really, really tough. Go and work for Dana White. Remember what Dana White said at the end of his run in the UFC. Go back and do that if that’s what you want to do.”

“But if you’re doing this (WWE) and you’re confusing it with doing that (UFC), it’s a problem. If someone doesn’t address it, it’s going to continue to be a problem.”