Booker T Says Big E Needs to Be Less “New Day-ish”, Xavier Woods Responds

New Day’s Big E is poised to begin a singles run and many people are excited to see how far he can go on his own.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has given his opinion of Big E as a singles wrestler and it’s not necessarily flattering.

Booker doesn’t exactly say Big E can’t become a World Champion but he does believe that E needs to shed some of his “New Day” mannerisms.

“I still think Big E trying to be The New Day is not gonna work for him as far as working at the top of the card,” said Booker on his The Hall of Fame Podcast.

Booker’s comments reached Big E’s fellow New Day member Xavier Wood who Tweeted about it, basically saying Booker didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Because doing what other people told us to do worked so well for us before we started doing what we wanted to do. . . oh wait,” wrote Woods.

The New Day has been open in the past about the fact that they had floundered as singles players and many had doubted they would get over as a trio.

They have since proved people wrong by sticking to what they wanted. Woods seems to believe that Big E still being “New Day” as a singles wrestler will help him get over.