Booker T Wants To Manage The Street Profits

The five-time World Champion is apparently a big fan of the duo

Image via WWE

Booker T is a wrestling legend and the two-time Hall of Famer made a name for himself in WCW wrestling in the Harlem Heat tag-team. Booker T later joined WWE and became the World Champion.

Booker T is still employed by WWE and often appears during PPVs in backstage segments. He made an appearance at Clash of Champions last Sunday, when he featured in a segment with former NXT Tag Team Champions, Street Profits.

The five-time World Champion is apparently a big fan of the duo, and wants to be a manager for them someday. Street Profits have tonnes of charisma and don’t really need a manager. However, being paired with a name like Booker T could help the duo become a bigger deal in WWE.

In his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about Street Profits and how he wants to take them to the next level. Booker T clearly loves the wrestling business and wants to entertain the fans one more time.

“I’m thinking about putting my name in to manage the Street Profits. Bring these guys to the next level, you know what I mean? Just put a little bit more street on it, that’s all. Just put more street on them. It’d be no playing, no jiving. Just business. And that’s the thing, you know. I love to entertain.”

Montez Ford has often been termed as the next big thing in WWE, considering his impeccable promo skills and A+ in-ring abilities. Booker T had a lot of praise for Ford and said that Ford could do it all in the ring.

“I watch [Ford] go out there man, and the brother is very very talented. Agile, mobile, versatile. Can do it all. But you got to know how to slow ’em down, you know what I mean? When you got your horses and they want to run real hard, you’ve gotta say, ‘Slow down, baby. Let’s do this right.’

Booker T with Street Profits will be an extremely weird combination, but will guarantee 100% entertainment!