Booker T’s Opinion On Why WWE Fired Big Cass

Big Cass
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WWE Hall of Famer and 5-time WCW Champion Booker T frankly expressed his thoughts on the Heated Conversations podcast as to why WWE fired Big Cass last month. Booker T shared the stories about the 7-footer having heat in the locker room over his political beliefs but there’s more to it than that.

“The thing is, it could be a bunch of things. My point is this, when it gets to that point, it isn’t something that everybody else is doing. It’s something that you’re doing.

Hopefully, he’ll find something. There’s a lot of work out there in the independent world, Japan, ROH. Whatever he did, he definitely lost out on this deal because I thought that Big Cass could have been one of the next great big men.”

However an incident with ex-girlfriend Carmella still stands as the real reason why WWE fired Big Cass.