Brandi Rhodes Talks Pregnancy Difficulties, Cody Rhodes on Their Child’s Wrestling Future

Brandi Rhodes has been absent from AEW television after the surprise announcement two months ago that she was pregnant with Cody Rhodes’s first child.

In the most recent episode of Oral Sessions with Rene Paquette, Brandi revealed that the pregnancy was a surprise, albeit a happy one because she has polycystic ovary syndrome and it was only diagnosed before it was confirmed she was pregnant.

“Women have a lot of trouble trying to get pregnant when they have it, so it’s kind of nuts to me that I did. I found out that I had it right before I got pregnant,” said Brandi.

Brandi told Paquette that she is okay but does have some bad days where she feels nauseous or unhappy with her body transformation. Cody, on the other hand, seems very happy with her pregnancy bump.

“He’s really into it and kisses it all the time. He’s always rubbing it and touching it so he likes it,” she said.

She confirmed that she is stepping away from getting involved in any storylines because of her pregnancy, including the now dangling storyline with her and Jade Cargill.

She also doesn’t plan to keep fans too updated about her pregnancy on social media and is choosing to keep things private for now.

Cody, for his part, also spoke a little about his feelings towards impending fatherhood in an interview with The Buzz on Newsday.

According to Cody, he would definitely want to have his child in the business and plans to take a page out of his own father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes’ book, and get him or her interested by taking them to wrestling shows.

“My dad was really good, he just brought me around it. If I liked it, I liked it, and if I didn’t he wouldn’t bring me around it. I think we’ll apply the same,” he said.

One thing he wouldn’t do was not “smarten” the kid up to what was really going on in the business. According to Cody, he sometimes came away upset from shows at the guys who “busted open” his dad and he’s not sure he wants that for his own kid.