Brandy Rhodes Says AEW-TNT Is Ready To Take On USA Network’s NXT On Wednesday Nights

AEW is WWE’s biggest competition in the post-Monday Night Wars era

Image via Twitter

WWE and AEW will lock horns in less than two months as fans continue to prepare themselves for the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars.

NXT is moving to USA Network on September 18 while AEW makes its TNT debut on October 2, just two days before SmackDown switches over to FOX.

AEW has a lot to bring on the table to take on WWE NXT that will switch to a two-hour live show with the USA Network move.

During a recent interview with TribLive, Chief Brand Officer of AEW, Brandi Rhodes declared that the upstart promotion is “all for” NXT on Wednesday nights.

“I definitely can’t speak for them and their business planning and thinking, but as far as AEW is concerned we’re all for it. We are excited to be on Wednesday night. We’ve got amazing things lined up. We can’t wait to get to air. We’re actually on the TNT campus right now with a ton of meetings and going over all sorts of aspects of rolling into Oct. 2. It’s a wild and great time for everyone. Our fans are going to be shocked, satiated and I think they will keep coming back for more.”

While the TNT show is the only weekly live pro wrestling program for AEW at the moment, WWE has a well-packaged Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live besides NXT.

On top of that, WWE has its exclusive line of main roster talents who could potentially appear on NXT to boost ratings and tap into the AEW audience on Wednesdays.

While the war is yet to begin, it’s still safe to assume that WWE has the upper hand already – fans are aware of what NXT is capable of and very much familiar with the product. On the other hand, AEW is yet to showcase their product on TNT and get fans acquainted with their show.