Braun Strowman Ambushes Tyson Fury At WWE Performance Center, Big Show Asks Fans To Enjoy The Product

Image via WWE

The Monster Blindsides The Gypsy King In Orlando

Braun Strowman will go 1-on-1 with undefeated heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury in a week’s time at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, but The Monster’s patience grew thin as he decided to draw first blood ahead of the show.

Strowman assaulted Fury at the Performance Center in Orlando where the latter was warming up for his in-ring debut. The Monster Among Men blasted The Gypsy King with a devastating body shove in the ring. Braun grinned evilly, saying “You’re in my world now” as he was escorted out of the area while Tyson held his ankle but eventually managed to get up to his feet.

WWE posted the video earlier today.

This is obviously WWE’s tactic to hype the big fight ahead of Crown Jewel and Fury acting like he had (seemingly) hurt his angle is a good way to intensify the build.

Per betting odds, Fury is the favorite to crush Strowman next week which shouldn’t be much of a surprise. WWE and Strowman have done a fine job in giving the feud a legit feel, and there’s absolutely no reason why the big match shouldn’t live up to the hype.

Big Show Asks Fans To Stop Directing WWE

WWE has received a lot of criticism of late owing to its repetitive programming and stale product. The billion-dollar promotion does make enjoyable bookings week in, week out, but the WWE Universe continues to criticize the product with valid justifications.

During a recent interview with TMZ, The Big Show advised fans to enjoy the show instead of directing WWE what needs to be done.

“You’re never going to make everyone happy. Some people say you’re rushing too much, or you’re taking too long. Everybody’s going to have an opinion. My advice is to sit back, watch the show, and enjoy it, quit trying to direct it.”