Braun Strowman and Dean Ambrose Was Reportedly Not Backstage At Raw This Week

Dean Ambrose
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Braun Strowman was written off WWE TV last week when he was attacked by Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre and it was revealed that he needed elbow surgery for a pre-existing injury.

Strowman was still part of last night’s Raw as it was shown that he was awaiting surgery for his injured elbow, but PWInsider now reports that Strowman wasn’t actually in the building in Milwaukee last night since he was having surgery.

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The segment which showed Strowman in a hospital bed was actually taped last week following Raw so that the extent of his elbow damage looked much worse.

Strowman did state that he was in Birmingham, Alabama, but WWE often fools fans into thinking superstars are out of the area when they are infact backstage in a room that is made to look like a hospital.

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Dean Ambrose was also part of a backstage segment last night on Raw where he revealed that he was getting his flu shot because he didn’t want to catch anything from Rollins or the WWE Universe whilst also being able to deliver a promo building up his match with Seth Rollins at TLC.

The site also states that Ambrose wasn’t backstage as part of the show last night, instead his segment was also pre-taped.

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Someone who was backstage last night was Vince McMahon, who was back in his usual position pushing the show forward and handling the creative control of the broadcast as well as former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt was reportedly backstage for the first time in three months waiting for the nod to make his return, but obviously, there was no plan to include Wyatt in last night’s show in the end.