Braun Strowman Hypes Up His Upcoming Raw Underground Match With Dabba-Kato

The last Raw Underground segment on Monday ended with a staredown between Braun Strowman and Underground standout Dabba-Kato.

Though both big men appeared ready to throw down then and there, Shane McMahon separated them and declared that the fight would happen in the next episode of Raw.

Strowman lost the WWE Universal Championship during SummerSlam and failed to regain it during Payback. It looks like he’s taking out his ire and aggression by dominating Underground.

Dabba-Kato, however, has been dominating the Underground ring and looks to pose quite the challenge.

Strowman took to Twitter to hype up the upcoming clash between him and Dabba-Kato, reminding his opponent and the WWE Universe that he goes “wherever he wants.”