Braun Strowman Is Reportedly Still Yet To Undergo Surgery For Injured Elbow

Braun Strowman was written off WWE TV almost a week ago so that he could undergo surgery for a pre-existing arm injury but reports now suggest that even though Strowman is on a tight schedule when it comes to his recovery from the injury, he is yet to undergo surgery.

Strowman is scheduled to face Baron Corbin in a TLC match at the pay-per-view of the same name in less than four weeks time, but reports have suggested that he may not be able to perform a full match at the event, which is why WWE’s back up plan is to have him work a squash match instead.

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PWinsider is reporting that Strowman is still yet to undergo surgery on his elbow, which is when WWE will be made aware of just how serious the injury is.

The Monster Among Men is reportedly scheduled to undergo the procedure on Monday, which means that he will have less than three weeks to recover from the operation and WWE will then be able to make a decision on his future.

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Dave Meltzer recently made it clear that there could be a title reign in Strowman’s future as well since a fan recently commented that he didn’t think that Strowman would be able to have that Universal Championship reign in the coming months since it’s reported that Brock Lesnar could face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35, but Meltzer made it clear that this wasn’t the case.

Strowman has been a hot topic of conversation over the past few days, but his future will not be known for certain until after his operation on Monday since the full diagnosis will be made as soon as Strowman goes under the knife.