Braun Strowman Looking To Insert Himself Into The Royal Rumble Match

Braun Strowman
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Braun Strowman made a huge mistake on Raw when he attacked Vince McMahon‘s limo (storyline) and was then both fined and dropped from his Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble.

Finn Balor will instead take Strowman’s place in the match as question marks about Strowman’s fitness continue to circulate, but it appear that The Monster Among Men isn’t happy about the most recent turn of events and will do whatever it takes to get back on top.

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Strowman recently spoke to where he revealed that it was a hard pill to swallow after pushing for this match with Lesnar for so long.

“It’s a pretty hard pill to swallow right here right now, but at the same time, I’m going to use it for fuel to the fire to continue to push the monster train along. Nothing’s going to stop me from reaching the top of this mountain,” he said via Ringsidenews.

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Strowman needs to be part of the Royal Rumble if he’s hoping to push for a match at WrestleMania, which could be why he also revealed that he will do everything he can to be part of the Royal Rumble match but right now he’s not in Vince McMahon’s favor.

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“I’m going to do my best to get into the 30-man Royal Rumble. Right now I know I’m not in the good graces with the boss right now with destroying his limo and stuff like that. So I might have to go in there the old fashioned way, how Braun Strowman has always got what he wanted, and do a little heavy persuading.

This week is the go-home episode of Raw before Royal Rumble, so Strowman has to act fast if he’s hoping to correct last week’s mistakes.