Braun Strowman On NXT: “I Don’t See Anything Outshining [What] We Have On The Main Roster”

Mr. Money In The Bank Braun Strowman is one of the top draws on Monday Night RAW.

Roman Reigns will challenge WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar for the title at SummerSlam. Strowman holding the briefcase one thing that would make SummerSlam even bigger because in order to stay in possession of the briefcase, he has to get past Kevin Owens at “The Biggest Party Of The Summer.”

As per the stipulation of their match, if Strowman loses, Owens will get hold of the Money In The Bank briefcase.

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Digging deep, Strowman is one of the most successful products that NXT has ever produced, joining the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt in the men’s division in the process.

NXT has attained greater heights in the past few years and is also boastful of hosting their TakeOver events on the same weekend as main roster Pay-Per-Views, sometimes even stealing the show. NXT has come a long way and now proudly stands as an individual, separate brand where the wrestling is of extremely top-notch quality and to many pro-wrestling veterans, NXT Superstars hands-down outshine the main roster.

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In  an interview with SPN Action, The Monster Among Men was recently asked to share his opinion(s) on NXT. Strowman said that he doesn’t’ think anything outshining what is currently happening on the main roster right now.

“You know it’s hard to tell,” Strowman said. “Because we’re so studded right now on the main roster that there’s a lot of talented athletes in NXT, but what they have down there right now, I don’t see anything outshining [what] we have on the main roster.”

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“Everybody’s trying to make it through a hole this big. Everybody’s in a huge funnel in developmental. I was in it at one point and you’re just swirling around trying to get through that tiny hole.”