Braun Strowman Posts Injury Update, Warning To Baron Corbin

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Despite rumors that Braun Strowman might not be cleared in time for TLC, the Monster Among Men himself seems determined to make sure that Baron Corbin “gets these hands”.

Strowman, who was kayfabe injured in a beatdown from Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley orchestrated by acting Raw General Manager Baron Corbin, has been off screen for several week as he recovers from elbow surgery.

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Strowman is supposed to face Corbin in the upcoming Tables, Ladders, & Chairs pay-per-view, with the stipulation that if Corbin wins he gets to be permanent General Manager.

Corbin seems to think that his “victory” over an injured Strowman is assured as he’s declared that the TLC match will go through. So if Strowman’s injury stops him from competing, Corbin will win via forfeit.

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In a possible attempt to assure the WWE Universe that he will be ending Corbin’s tenure as General Manager, Strowman recently posted a photo of his healing arm on his Twitter feed.

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He also has the following threatening message for the acting RAW General Manager: “Eye for an eye. The Monster is Coming.”

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The injury looks grisly but it’s recovering. Whether it will recover enough to ensure that he is cleared for TLC is up to the WWE officials and doctors right now.

Strowman has shown an ability to recover quickly from injury before. Last May, he shattered his elbow and needed surgery. He was expected to need six months to recover but it turned out he was fit to wrestle in two months, allowing him to make a surprise return and enter a feud with Roman Reigns.

Storyline wise Strowman is determined to end Corbin’s reign in TLC. If he does return however, Corbin probably has a backup plan and it could involve his allies McIntyre and Lashely again.