Braun Strowman Reveals Renewing His WWE Contract On The Brink Of Expiration

The Monster Among Men is in for double duty at Clash Of Champions

Image via Twitter

Braun Strowman recently signed his new “multi-million dollar” contract with WWE that will see him rampaging the entire men’s division for the next four years.

The 6’8” Superstar has a busy road ahead – on the one hand he will be defending the RAW Tag Team Championships with Seth Rollins against Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, while on the other, he is laser-focused on dethroning his partner, The Beastslayer, to win the Universal Title for the first time in his career – all at Clash Of Champions next month.

During a recent interview with Fightful, Strowman revealed that he only had about a month left on his contract before WWE came to terms with him.

“It was just winding down, I had a little over a month left on my contract and we just came to an agreement. I felt like both sides of the party were happy and we look forward to four more years of people getting these hands.”

As previously reported, new Executive Director of Monday Night RAW Paul Heyman is high on Strowman which is exactly the reason behind the 35-year-old Superstar’s renewed push as of late.

“It does (surprise me that the news didn’t leak). I try to keep my business life as quiet as possible. I hate it when people outside of the business know what I’m doing before I know what I’m doing. So it’s kind of cool that we were able to keep that hush-hush and nobody stooged it off to the dirt sheets like so many of these marks like to do!” 

It’s very unlikely for Strowman to be walking out of Clash Of Champions as the new Universal Champion on September 15.

The fact that WWE is trying to put Rollins over as a bigger babyface champion is sufficient enough to eliminate the slightest possibility of The Monster getting his hands on the big red belt anytime soon.