Braun Strowman Shows Off New Look on Instagram

Braun Strowman is one of the wrestlers who changed his look dramatically this year. After sporting the same look for the last four years, Strowman shaved his head and worked on his body.

He looks completely different than he did a few months ago. Strowman revealed that he had to ask Vince McMahon’s permission to cut his hair.

WWE requires its wrestlers to seek approval before doing anything with their body. This is done to avoid any legal issues that might surface later.

Recently, The Monster Among Men posted a workout video of him on Instagram with Otis. Fans noticed that Strowman changed his hairstyle once again. Now, he looks more like WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Hawk.

Although Strowman hasn’t debuted his new look on live television yet, it wouldn’t be shocking if he does that soon.

In the past, many wrestlers have adopted different looks once they changed their gimmicks. Bayley, for instance, was one of the stars who shined after she made a debut with a new gimmick and a different hairstyle.