Braun Strowman Snaps at Fan Who Compares Him to The Big Show

Braun Strowman recently went through a drastic image change after being part of The Wyatt Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules, which has left many fans comparing The Monster Among Men to The Big Show.

The Monster Among Men recently updated an image on his Instagram account where a fan commented that he should let his hair grow back or he would be like The “Big Show 2.0 aka The Big Fail.”

It appears that this is a comparison that Braun Strowman doesn’t mind the WWE Universe making since he believes that Big Show has had quite the WWE career.

The former Universal Champion did go on to make it clear that the fan should look in the mirror before passing judgment on one of the company’s legends.

Strowman and The Big Show have collided many times, with Strowman even writing The Big Show off WWE TV in order for the star to undergo hip surgery back in 2017.