Braun Strowman Talks About His Journey To WWE

The Monster is set for double duty at Clash of Champions

Image via WWE

Braun Strowman has a lot on his plate at the moment – he will be defending the RAW Tag Team Championship with Seth Rollins while also challenging his partner for the Universal Title on the same night, this Sunday at Clash Of Champions.

Ever since his main roster debut, Strowman has enjoyed the main event spotlight. He has been part of title feuds; while WWE isn’t quite ready to hand him the prestigious singles title yet, fans still perceive him as a top tier Superstar, a thorough ‘championship material’.

While speaking to Not Sam Wrestling, The Monster Among Men discussed how he landed his first contract with WWE.

“I think I started in a little less than two years I earned my pro card in Strongman and I was in Los Angeles, California in 2012 for The World’s Strongest Man and Mark Henry was there along with [WWE Talent Relations] Canyon Ceman were there recruiting. I met them and exchanged information with Canyon, that was in September of 2012. They wanted me to come down to the FCW building since The Performance Center wasn’t around back then. They wanted me to come down to the FCW down in Tampa, Florida. I walked around and cut a promo and they offered me a deal.”

Strowman had spent only 10 days at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando before debuting on Monday Night RAW.

“I kind of waited because I was prepping for the Arnold competition in 2013 so I kind of waited. It was my last Strongman contest and unfortunately it didn’t go as I wanted. I tore my bicep trying to break the world record on an Atlas Stone. I got that fixed up and that was in March of 2013, July 4th in 2013 I moved to Orlando, Florida. July 8th, 2013, I started at The Performance Center and here we are today.”

Strowman recently signed a mega-deal that will keep him WWE-bound for the next four years.