Braun Strowman’s TLC Status Is Up In The Air Following Injury

Braun Strowman
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As already reported, Braun Strowman suffered “a shattered elbow” last night on Monday Night Raw when he was attacked by Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre in last night’s curtain opener.

Whilst many fans have questioned whether or not the injury is real or part of the storyline heading into the final pay-per-view of the year, Dave Meltzer recently discussed his status for TLC on Wrestling Observer Radio where he confirmed that Strowman’s status is now up in the air since he will require surgery for a pre-existing injury.

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“Well, I guess the biggest news is that Braun Strowman is going to have elbow surgery so the deal tonight was a cover for that. He has bone spurs in the elbow that they ‘destroyed’ was the one that he has bone spurs in.”


“It’s not a bad deal, obviously his elbow was not shattered. It’s touch and go whether he’ll be in San Jose for the match with Baron Corbin, the TLC match they announced. I guess it depends on the seriousness of the surgery.”

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“The belief is he’s fine for the Royal Rumble with Brock Lesnar which they also surprisingly announced that match tonight. So that is the plan. So that’s the deal of what’s going on with Strowman, why they did what they did,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Strowman is scheduled to face Baron Corbin at TLC in less than a month’s time, a match that was confirmed last night on Raw but he will now be off WWE TV for the next few weeks as he sells the injuries that he suffered at the hands of the acting Raw General Manager last night.–_-o8