Braun Strowman’s WWE Return Date Has Reportedly Been Revealed

Braun Strowman
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Braun Strowman underwent elbow surgery earlier this week, but WWE was still able to make him part of Monday Night Raw when he sent in a backstage video that had been recorded the previous week.

Heading into TLC, The Monster Among Men’s feud with Baron Corbin is the main event level match since Strowman’s shot at the Universal Championship and Corbin’s job as General Manager of Raw are both riding on the fact that both men need to win this match.

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Strowman’s status for TLC is still up in the air at present, but according to PWInsider, the star will feature as part of next Monday’s episode of Raw.

It isn’t made clear what Strowman will be doing as part of the show since he hasn’t yet been cleared to make his return to action, but the site states that he will be on hand so that the build-up between himself and Corbin can continue.

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Strowman was written off WWE TV so that he could have the surgery for a pre-existing injury, but WWE didn’t know if he would be able to return in time for TLC when it was first aired, so the next few weeks will definitely be interesting for the former Wyatt Family member as he looks to be cleared in time to compete in San Jose on December 16th.

There are a number of backup plans in WWE’s favor if he is unable to wrestle a full match as part of the show, but it’s thought that the company would prefer not to have the main event of the last show of the year as a squash match that only lasts for a few minutes.

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It will be interesting to see Corbin’s reaction to Strowman’s appearance next week on Raw since he stated this week that he didn’t believe The Monster Among Men would appear ahead of TLC.