Bray Wyatt Addresses Daniel Bryan Match At Royal Rumble, Calls It a War

It was announced on the last episode of SmackDown that Daniel Bryan will be facing The Fiend at Royal Rumble. Bryan won a triple threat match against the Miz and Baron Corbin to earn the right to face The Fiend at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

His opponent’s alter-ego, Bray Wyatt, wasted no time in fanning the flames of the rivalry. He took to Instagram to write a lengthy post addressing Bryan and his match with the fiend.

Wyatt noted that Bryan was probably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time but this might not be enough to save him from the Fiend’s wrath during the Royal Rumble.

Wyatt referred to his previous feud with Bryan back in 2014, where he and Bryan also faced off during that year’s Royal Rumble.

“Bryan was red hot, it was his time. He went on to main event WrestleMania and become the champ. Deservedly so, Bryan is without a doubt the best I’ve ever been in the ring with,” writes Wyatt.

“Bryan is like myself in the fact that no one said, ‘This is a guy we should build our companies future around!’, the first time we walked in the door. We had to scratch and claw, outwork, out talk, outperform everyone on the pedestal in front of us. Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest of all time. But this is not his time, it’s mine,” he continues.

He then ends with a rather ominous warning that the match with Bryan at this year’s Royal Rumble is Wyatt’s “war worth dying for.”