Bray Wyatt Challenged By Former NXT Champion, Braun Strowman Reveals Firefly Fun House Was Bray’s Idea


Bray Wyatt is the talk of the town in the professional wrestling industry and deservedly so. Wyatt’s ‘Fiend’ character made the headlines, and the mystery along with the intrigue around the character has made it wrestling royalty.

After Wyatt finished off Finn Balor in quick fashion last Sunday, fans were wondering who will the Fiend target next. Apparently, Aleister Black is ready for a match against the Fiend, and invited him to his door.

Aleister Black is still waiting for a proper singles feud on the main roster, and his rivalries with Cesaro and Sami Zayn were short-lived. Black made quick work of Cesaro on Extreme Rules, and defeated Zayn on SmackDown Live last week in a match which was originally scheduled for SummerSlam.

Black and Wyatt are two of the best “characters” in the WWE roster currently, and a confrontation between the two will be best for business.

Wyatt’s former protege Braun Strowman spoke with Inside the Ropes recently, and had nothing but praise for Bray. He said that the Fiend character was completely Bray’s idea, and he is eager to see where the character heads in the coming weeks.

“The things he’s [Bray Wyatt] capable of thinking of and coming up with. Everything is his idea, all this Firefly Fun House, everything. It’s great to have Bray back, especially in the locker room for morale and everything with the guys. He is one of our top stars, he’s one of the locker room leaders, and he’s one of my best friends.”

Strowman went on to talk about his off-screen relationship with Bray Wyatt. Both the men share a great friendship behind the scenes, and Strowman is Godfather of Wyatt’s new-born son.

“He just had his first son, and I’ve been honored to be the godfather of his first son. We’re close. Bray is one of my best friends and it’s good to have him back.”

The Monster Among Men is also excited about the possibility of having a feud with the Fiend one day. He felt that both the superstars are destined to cross paths in the future, and it could be either as friends or foes.

“You never know. We could either team, or we could fight friend or foe. We’re going to get it one of these days.”

Strowman is currently scheduled to wrestle AJ Styles for the United States Championship next Monday on RAW.