Bray Wyatt Creates More Uncertainty With Cryptic Tweet

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Ever since Bray Wyatt made a surprise return at WWE Starrcade, fans have been speculating where and how he would return full time to the ring.

Now, a month after Starrcade, fans are still wondering and Wyatt has confused them further by deleting his Tweets and leaving just one with a very cryptic message that promises a change.

Wyatt declares in his Tweet that he is now “someone different” and promises that he has finally become who he really is.

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Wyatt’s entire modus and character tends to be strange and mysterious, but this is a bit more cryptic than usual. It could be signaling a character change or maybe a change in alignment.

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Wyatt is a face right now, during his Starrcade appearance he came out to challenge acting General Manager Baron Carbon. Whether, when Wyatt returns he will remain a face or not is up to debate.

While Wyatt has tended to stick to being a “mysterious” heel, mostly playing a cult-like figure, he was “turned good” by teaming with Matt Hardy. The two feuded and when Hardy defeated Wyatt in their last match, Wyatt was then reborn and formed a tag team with Matt Hardy.

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Back in September, Hardy took some time off to heal from injury. Though he has denied retirement rumors, there has been no report as to when he might return to the ring.

Wyatt was also taken off TV after Hardy left. His Starrcade appearance was a surprise and the WWE has not released footage of it on the network or mentioned Wyatt on TV although there are rumors that he is the backup plan if Strowman is not able to recover completely from his surgery before TLC on December 16.