Could Bray Wyatt Be Hinting A Departure From WWE?

Bray Wyatt hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring since he returned at Starrcade and defeated Baron Corbin. The former WWE Champion hasn’t been able to return to the ring in the weeks that have followed and a recent Tweet has started some speculation that Wyatt could be about to depart from WWE.

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Wyatt was expected to make his return to the company over the past month and has been spotted backstage in recent weeks, but hasn’t been able to make his way through that curtain. 

Mike Johnson of PWInsider recently noted that Wyatt wasn’t hinting at a departure, since he is expected to return to WWE very soon. 

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“Bray Wyatt made some ripples with some social media yesterday. He is not leaving WWE, he’s just playing around on social media. Actually, because so many people asked we looked into what his status was and he’s actually scheduled to wrestle for the RAW brand for the post-Christmas tour starting on Madison Square Garden on December 26th. So John Cena doesn’t have an opponent so perhaps Bray Wyatt is going to wrestle John Cena that night.”

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“We’ll see, but Bray Wyatt is scheduled for post-RAW live events, he’s not going anywhere and it’s not a situation where he’s in trouble if he’s getting released. He’s just off TV and he will be back very soon,” he said via Ringsidenews

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Wyatt won the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber last year, before he was defeated by Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33 and has since  been struggling in WWE’s mid-card.

It was hoped that he would make his return to the ring in the near future since Luke Harper and Eric Rowan are expected to return soon as well and a Wyatt Family reunion would then be on the cards.