Bray Wyatt Isolated Himself From The World During The Making Of ‘The Fiend’ Character

The Monster and The Fiend could clash inside the steel structure in October

Image via WWE

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt is the hottest character not just in WWE, but in all of pro wrestling at present.

Since his debut at SummerSlam, The Fiend has been compared to The Undertaker so intensely that rumors of a dream WrestleMania showdown between them recently spread like wildfire.

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Reigning one half of the RAW Tag Team Champion Braun Strowman began his WWE career as the black sheep of The Wyatt Family. After the faction was split, Bray and Braun went in separate directions but their friendship behind the camera continues up until this very day.

During a recent interview with Not Sam Wrestling, The Monster revealed that despite being close pals, he wasn’t always in touch with Bray during the making of The Fiend.

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Bray is one of my closest friends inside and outside of the business. It’s great to have him back. He got in a pretty weird place for a while with what was going on character-wise, and he literally went into the drawing board and started from scratch. We went for a while without even talking because he went so deep into this character; he shut himself out from the world.”

The former WWE Champion did shut himself off from the world, but his return on Firefly Fun House and gradual teases of The Fiend persona had literally blown Strowman away.

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“I remember watching the very first episode of the Firefly Fun House and was thinking, ‘What the hell is this? Bray, what are you doing?’ But the more I watched, I couldn’t turn away from it. It was so intriguing what he was doing, and then they brought ‘The Fiend’ out and I was like, ‘Alright, it’s unbelievable.’”

At this point, there’s a pretty good chance of The Fiend challenging The Monster for the Universal Title at Hell In A Cell. However, Strowman must dethrone his tag team partner, reigning Universal Champion Seth Rollins at Clash Of Champions if the title showdown between the former stablemates is to take place in October.