Bray Wyatt Returns As The Fiend On WWE Monday Night RAW, Destroys Finn Balor With Sister Abigail

WWE's new face of terror has arrived!

Image via WWE

This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW gave fans goosebumps as Bray Wyatt returned to action as The Fiend.

Ever since Firefly Fun House stopped airing, Wyatt hasn’t been seen on WWE TV but his puppet characters continued to make sporadic appearances on RAW and SmackDown Live. This week, the man himself showed up to start his mission of terrorizing WWE.

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Immediate ex-Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor wrestled Samoa Joe in singles action but was defeated in less than 90 seconds. Post-match, the Samoan attacked the Irishman but the latter was able to thwart The Destroyer.

Balor was celebrating in the ring when suddenly his music stopped playing and the lights went out.

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Seconds later, The Extraordinary Man was in The Fiend’s clutches about to be doomed with a devastating Sister Abigail.

Wyatt’s re-debut as The Fiend has driven everyone wild and the WWE Universe can’t wait to see more of his new character.

WWE kept The Fiend’s debut short but impactful. After all, they didn’t forget to cap it off with Wyatt’s trademark laughter.

WWE still has over three weeks left for SummerSlam and that’s enough for fans to assume that The Fiend will be booked for his first match at The Biggest Party Of Summer.

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As previously reported, The Fiend is in for a lengthy undefeated streak which makes it interesting to see which Superstars WWE is willing to sacrifice in order to establish their new face of terror.

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Abby The Witch and Mercy The Buzzard are running loose but both puppets are likely to play a key role in Wyatt’s upcoming storylines.

How WWE books Wyatt on RAW is yet to be seen, but it wouldn’t come off as a surprise if he shows up on SmackDown Live under the Wild Card Rule. However, that’s a long way from here as WWE is currently pushing Aleister Black as SmackDown’s grim reaper and it doesn’t seem like both men will be crossing their paths anyhow before Survivor Series.