Bray Wyatt Returns To Monday Night RAW With New Friendly Character

Image via WWE

Bray Wyatt made his much-awaited WWE return this week on Monday Night RAW.

Wyatt is no longer the evil, spooky man that he was prior to his medical hiatus from WWE. Instead, the man is back with a repackaged character and appears to be friendlier than your next-door-neighbor!

The Firefly Fun House debuted on RAW with Bray as the new children’s television host character.

Wyatt introduced his new puppets (one of them was the same dinosaur-like figure from RAW after WrestleMania) and called his former self a slob. He also announced that his previous character is dead and chainsawed a life-size stand-up of his old gimmick.

Besides sporting a new look, the former Eater Of Worlds now flaunts a completely new personality. Wyatt has also lost weight while gaining muscles, as seen in the photo that was posted shortly before RAW went on air.

Wyatt is now a babyface (obviously) which is a complete 180° flip from his previous character. Not only the former WWE Champion is a babyface, but he is also a children’s guy now, an approach that Vince McMahon could be taking to replace John Cena who has long stood as the kids’ hero.

It would be interesting to see Wyatt’s new in-ring style once he returns to action given his Sister Abigail finisher was a dark move including the scary finisher taunt.